Venexia vol III

VeneXia is not the right way to write ‘Venice’ in the local dialect. That’s ‘Venessia’. But only we venetians know what tipe of sound is connected with the letter X, which is a double SS as in the pronunciation of the word ‘streSS’. That’s why for me it’s Venexia.

This work originates from two strong and deeply radicated needs (that only in recent times I was able to translate into words):
On the one side the need to record memories of my youth in this unique environment in which I was bred. On the other side I want to pay my homage to this Island and its Lagoon, which are both perpetually misunderstood and portrayed on the edge of the ridiculous.




Vol III is, as you can logically guess, since vol I is in one part and vol II is divided in two parts, divided in three parts

Volume III is about water, and it is the most delicate Volume of the three. Many things here to tell.
Water, you can read many books about its symbolism, is always a complex matter.
Imagine: a city -a very particular one- that has lived one thousand years on it, in it. Imagine, just, imagine. All the flexible shapes and identities that this very particular environment shares with it’s element, it’s mother. Behind all the reflections, all of them, what’s behind?
The muddy soft heart of the lagoon is underwater.

Leave home with a map of the lagoon.
You can find amazing views on google maps too, and it’s worth a look. Water is flat on it’s surface, shady in it’s essence. A big question -most of the times- is  ‘will my boat pass through here?’.
Lagoon waters are very low in the zones far from the ‘water-traffic’, sometimes not more than 20cm deep.

Volume Three is not only about low waters.
There is a precise question opening a circle, starting with Volume One and closing with Volume Three: why Venice, here?
This is a well known matter for the ones used to the right studies, as it is the fact that the answer is really precise, but it can’t be written here in this code. I remember well my friend Christian Rosenkreutz when, on the top floor of the tower, with his Virgo, found in the center of the room a golden globe representing this Earth, with many red signs on its surface: life could span only in some placese more than in others, as it is for many other and more subtle ‘substances’.

Volume Three is, chronologically, since Volume Two is about Death, Life after Death. Life-outside-Life, if you prefer.


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