VENEXIA – what’s about



VeneXia is not the right way to write ‘Venice’ in the local dialect. That’s ‘Venesia’. But only we venetians know what tipe of sound is connected with the letter X, which is a double SS as in the pronunciation of the word ‘streSS’. That’s why for me it’s Venexia.

This work originates from two strong and deeply radicated needs (that only in recent times I was able to translate into words):
On the one side the need to record memories of my youth in this unique environment in which I was bred. On the other side I want to pay my homage to this Island and its Lagoon, which are both perpetually misunderstood and portrayed on the edge of the ridiculous.


Who lives here knows that this Island is small, too small most of the times, and all the characters used to walk here, after a while, start to behave in a strange way, as if they were on a play stage. Characters on this play stage soon even forget about life and world outside the stage, outside the island, exactly like in theater, and a big drama, or comedy, comes out from nothing.
Venice and its humidity deeply soak into humans that live here, corrupting their bones and souls.
The main land suddenly seems a very far away reality, ”countryside” we call it, often disgusted by it’s ordinary nature.

Venice, when you are in the Island, is like a dream that doesn’t let you escape.
Venice, when you are far away, is like waves.
When the first foot lands on earth after a long time on a boat, it’s on the land that the waves really seem alive, making you shake.

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